SunRise LEDs' VERSAtiles(TM) Modular Units

For configuring indoor and outdoor videowalls

SunRise LEDs (Pleasant Hills, CA) is announcing its VERSAtiles™ modular LEDs units that can be assembled for indoor and outdoor videowalls. They feature ultra-slim TILEcrate enclosures, which allow direct access through the front or back of the individual units, and modular diversity for curved and shaped displays in myriad sizes. With the TILEcrate enclosure, which measures 22 x 17 in., each unit weighs 15-19 lbs. The units are available in 6mm and 8mm sizes for indoor use, and 10, 14, 20 and 24mm sizes for outdoor.
The units can be assembled in “S” curves, half circles and different shapes into artistic displays. They're manufactured using high-impact, flame-retardant ABS plastic, with a built-in firewall retention feature.
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