SunPower’s Standalone Solar Sign

Off-grid solution integrates flexible, thin-film solar panels into custom designs
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SunPower Sign Inc. (Kansas City, MO) is offering an efficient, standalone, solar-powered sign system that uses thin-film solar panels. The custom-designed solar system is designed to be a completely off-grid solution and requires no line voltage. This solution integrates the flexible, thin-film, solar panels to fit the original design intent.
The company can train a sign company’s team to construct signs, while keeping the original design intent intact, giving a sign company the technology to design/build a sign at its facility using the company’s components. The company will also train the sales team on the advantages of the solar signs so they have the tools to convey it to their clients.
The thin-film technology can produce power in as little as 4% ambient light, the company states. Also. the technology incorporates 1% of the silicon that the typical crystalline panel contains. Encapsulating the film in an UV-stabilized EFTE (ethylene tetraflouroethylene) makes it waterproof and resistant to damage or vandalism, the company states. If a portion of the panel is damaged or vandalized, the rest of the panel still works. The thin-film solar is engineered to operate safely in diverse environments between -55 degrees Celsius and +85 degrees Celsius. A butyl adhesive on the back permanently adheres to nonporous surfaces.
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