Squamish Nation Creates First Digital Display Network in Vancouver

Allvision Canada Co. awarded management contract

The Squamish Nation is known for deriving ingenious ways to generate revenues for its members. In an effort to maximize the financial performance of their real estate, the Squamish Nation awarded a management contract to Allvision Canada Co., which specializes in optimizing the performance of outdoor-advertising assets on public and private properties. Allvision was brought in to represent the Nation on all Reserve lands, with the goal of developing a digital-billboard network.
“In this the first of its kind in Vancouver, Allvision led the most significant sign-development project throughout Vancouver in conjunction with the Squamish Nation,” said Toby Baker, COO and project negotiator for the Nation. “Allvision identified potential billboard locations and participated in a Canadian Environmental Assessment Screening on behalf of the nation to ensure the respect and integrity of our lands and our presence in Vancouver.”
Once the architecture and distribution of the sign network were established, Allvision held a competitive-bidding process, soliciting outdoor advertising companies to operate the digital-sign network. The contract was awarded to multimedia-communications company Astral Media. Allvision then negotiated leases and permits between Astral, the Squamish Nation and Indian and Northern Affairs.
“The network will generate a $50 million revenue stream for our people over the term of the agreement, which will be used for community projects, education, parks and recreation. Allvision has always been respectful of our values and traditions in the work they have done for us,” said Bill Williams, chief of the Squamish Nation.