Sihl Inkjet Media

Company offers materials designed for various ink-printing capabilities

Sihl LLC (Chesapeake, VA) is presenting a series of inkjet-printable media designed for various applications:

• PolySOL™ a 12-mil, display compatible with solvent-, UV- and latex-ink printers. The color-stable, polyester film providers a textured, satin-finish print surface with a gray, blockout reverse layers that reportedly eliminates image washout when the material is exposed to bright areas. The material is sold in 36-in.-wide, 66-ft.-long rolls;

• 3176 QuickStick™ self-adhesive vinyl, which is designed for water-based-ink printers. Designed for short-term, indoor graphics, the 4-mil, pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed vinyl features a microporous topcoat that allows instant drying and a wide color gamut, zero residue after removal and compatibility with thermal and piezo-printhead technology. The company sells 60-ft.-long rolls of the material in 24-, 36-, 44- and 50-in.-wide rolls;

• 3166 ClearStick™ clear, repositionable, adhesive-backed film designed for water-based-ink printing. The 2-mil, polyester film, has a thin, opaque, white release liner that’s universally compatible with media-sensing systems, the company reports. The media is designed for application for virtually any interior surface, and is sold in 100-ft.-long rolls and 24-, 36-, 44- and 50-in.-long rolls;

• 3182, a 5-mil, polyester, dimensionally stable, backlit film that offers a latex ink-receptive topcoat and a light-diffusing, underside layer. The material may be used for short-term, outdoor-lightbox applications without lamination, the company reports. The 100-ft.-long rolls are sold 36-, 50- and 60-in.-wide rolls;

• And, 3198 Instant Dry blockout film and 3199 white film, which are designed for solvent-, UV- and latex-ink printers. The 7-mil, polyester film contains a proprietary glossy layer that yields high-definition images previously unavailable with solvent-ink printing, the company reports. The 3199 substrate offers the same ink-receptive layer as 3198, but it’s produced on a 5-mil, more economical polyester material. The 100-ft.-long rolls are offered in 54- and 60-in.-wide rolls.

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