Signs of Gold Develops Classy Sign Program for Real Estate Office

Lancaster, NY agency now makes an impression

Real-estate agents have a bad reputation. My father has been a real-estate agent for 33 years; he’s often bemoaned misperceptions and stereotypes that have provided obstacles for doing business. Whether it be a bad experience with an agent who lacks follow-through or transparency, or a simple mistrust of anyone who’s paid on commission, or hundreds of other reasons, real-estate agents’ stigma remains.
A simple way for a real-estate agency to gain trust? Invest in signage that projects a positive image. Lancaster, NY’s Nichol City Realty made this prudent move by hiring Williamsville, NY’s Signs of Gold Inc. to build a sign system for its campus.
After having devised the system using Adobe Illustrator software, proprietor Francis Lestingi and his son, Stephen, built a series of mahogany signs for the program. Using a handheld saber saw and carving chisels, Signs of Gold built a double-sided, post-mounted, 3 x 5-ft. entry sign, a 28-in.-sq. cantilevered panel, and a 10 x 55-in., building-fascia sign, all of which were gilded with 23.75K goldleaf and installed with scroll brackets fabricated by Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron Inc. (Getzville, NY).