SignArts Wraps Wicked Cool Fish Truck

Brother Trucker builds its Boston brand
November 11 Sign Art.jpg

One might assume food trucks only thrive in warm climates conducive to al-fresco dining, but SignArt (Malden, MA) helped Brother Trucker, a Malden-based food-truck operator, create plenty of good street vibes. SignArt’s Peter Campbell, Josh Cowern and Nick Hillyard designed the graphics (which might make a viewer initially think it’s a pet store on wheels, but a fish-and-chips graphic would’ve been far less compelling) using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

SignArt printed the job on its Mimaki JV3-160 SP printer with 3M’s IJ-380 material – a solvent-ink media designed specifically for jobs that require applying vinyl to deep recesses and channels. 3M’s 8519 luster-finish overlaminate protects the vivid flora and fauna.