Sign Industry Growing Faster than Rest of Economy

Well above "lumbering" pace.

The International Sign Association's Sign Industry Quarterly Economic Report states that the sign, graphics and visual communications industry is growing well above the "lumbering" pace of the overall US economy. All four sectors covered by the report are showing growth at or above the histroical trend into 2018.

  • In supply side printing, expectations remain avove the historical trend despite a slight dip in expectation from last report. The outlook for 2018 has improved with the index set to hit its highest levels since 2012.
  • Supply side electrical/digital will see a slight cooling in 2017 from expectations, but growth should be just above the historic trend for 2017 and is expected to accelerate in 2018.
  • In end market electrical/digital, 2017 remains very strong, and while growth will slow in 2018 and 2019, it will remain above the historical trend through the end of the forecast.

The report was compiled by IHS and Vandiver Associates.