R Tape PVC-Free “Chalkboard” Film

ChalkTalk may be applied to drywall, cabinet doors or refrigerators

R Tape (South Plainfield, NJ) is unveiling ChalkTalk, a 6-mil, PVC-free film that’s coated with a repositionable adhesive and recommended for interior wall graphics, menuboards or other decals. The grainy-textured, slate-gray-colored surface may be written on with chalk and wiped clean with an eraser, damp towel or sponge.

ChalkTalk may be cut with a computerized plotter or by hand and applied to drywall, cabinet doors or refrigerators, removes with no adhesive residue, and is CPSIA-compliant because it contains no plasticizers, phthalates or carcinogens. R Tape sells the material in 50-yd.-long, 24-in.-wide rolls.

(800) 440-1250; www.rtape.com

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