Outwater Plastics Fabric Frame

Company announces display frame that can be customized.

Outwater Plastics Industries Inc. (Bogata, NJ) offers the FOGA Fabric Frame System, used in large, customizable displays for artwork, prints, or advertisements. The FOGA Fabric Frame System is now available in a 10 x 50 ft. size. The system allows for single- or double-sided LED illuminated or non-illuminated graphics and can be either wall mounted or free standing. Sewn into the perimeter of the SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) are 3 x 12 or 14mm silicone that snap into the display with minimal effort. The frame can be cut and mitered to create the exact display needed.
Outwater Plastics also offers the following signmaking products: RGB, Diamond Brite LED, and Ultra Bright Channel Letter Modules; and the FOGA Fabric Frame LED Lighting System.