MultiCam Unveils Plasma Cutter, Drilling Accessory

Economical plasma cutter, high-performance tooling equipment unveiled

MultiCam (Dallas) is unveiling its V-Series plasma-cutting machine. The turnkey system includes PC and EZ G Code programming software that allows operates to design and cut files directly from the machine, as well as viewing the cutting sequence on a monitor that’s connected to the V-Series PC. The machines include a slat table, fume-extraction plenum, automatic torch height control with an economical price point, the company reports.

MultiCam offers the V-Series in 4 x 8 or 5 x 10 ft. table sizes.

The company is also presenting a heavy-duty drilling spindle for drilling and tapping large holes in steel plate. The Max 40 drill and tap spindle mounts to a high-performance Hypertherm torch on MultiCam’s heavy-duty 6000 Series bridge and rail plasma system. The tool drills holes up to 1.125 in. diameter, with an optional, eight-position tool changer, and an optional Z-axis probe, which accurately determines the Z-axis plane on warped or irregular sheet. The system applies coolant through the cutting head's center, which extends tool life and improves lubricant distribution.

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