Mimaki USA announces LUS-350 UV-LED flexible ink

Up to 350% elongation for thermoforming applications

Mimaki USA (Suwanee, GA) is announcing its durable and flexible LUS-350 UV-LED ink that provides a high-quality finish for thermoformed signs and prototypes. Mimaki says the printed ink cures onto the thermoform media surface and, when dry, is resistant to scratching or dimpling. Once heated for thermoforming, the ink transforms into a pliable state, with up to 350% elongation possible. When the thermoformed media cools, the ink resumes its hardness and damage resistance. Mimaki says its LUS-350 ink retains intricate textures and does not crack after molding. The company also notes that thickly applied ink and double/triple printing layers stay intact, without cracking, all of which makes it an ideal ink for printing onto PETG, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene and PVC, prior to the thermoforming process, Mimaki says.
LUS-350 ink is available for use in Mimaki’s JFX200-2513 and UJF-7151 plus UV-LED flatbed printers. Packaged in one-liter bottles, it is available in CMYK and white. A clear ink is available for the UJF-7151 plus printer.

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