Mimaki Dual-Bed Printer

Doubles the print area of previous models

Mimaki USA (Suwanee, GA) is releasing its JFX200-2531 dual-bed UV-LED flatbed printer that doubles the print area of previous models to increase productivity by enabling the operator to print on one side while prepping the other. The print area ranges up to 98.4 x 122 in. and accepts media up to 2 in. thick (it ships in two parts to ease installation). The flatbed features dual origin points and a twin vacuum-pump system that allows users to position up to two 4 x 8-ft. boards, multiple jigs or smaller pre-cut pieces onto the table for continuous printing. While one section (origin point) is printing, the operator can unload finished prints from the previous section and affix the next board or jig without stopping production. Features include Mimaki’s Advance Pass, Waveform Control, Circulation and nozzle recovery systems, media registration at either origin point, an ionizer bar to minimize static electricity, low-heat UV-LED lamps and several ink set choices.

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