Light Blue Optics Light Touch Interactive Projector

Transforms flat surfaces into touchscreens

Light Blue Optics (Colorado Springs, CO) is offering the Light Touch™ interactive projector that can transform flat surfaces into touchscreens. It allows users to interact with content similarly to the way they used handheld devices using multi-touch technology.
Light Touch’s proprietary holographic laser projection (HLP™) technology creates WVGA-resolution video images. Integrated infrared sensors detect motion and turn the projected image into a 10.1-in. virtual touchscreen, so the user can control the projector and interact with applications by touching the image. Onboard wireless networking enables Light Touch™ to connect directly to the internet or electronic point of sale systems, opening up applications such as social networking, location-based services and electronic ordering.
Light Blue Optics is a privately funded company that develops and supplies miniature projection systems for use in high-volume applications in automotive, digital-signage and consumer-electronics markets.
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