Green Sign Creates a New Face for Dentistry

Illuminated monument sign evokes Easter Island statues

Perhaps one’s appreciation for this sign correlates to their interest in the Easter Island statues. However, in contrast to those stern, clench-jawed, Polynesian archetypes, this monument sign – fitting for a dentist’s office -- opens up and says, “Ah!” The sign’s base structure, which comprises 0.125-in.-thick aluminum that’s cut on a manual, metal shear, is covered decorated with Matthews acrylic-polyurethane paint.
The white, 0.125-in.-thick acrylic that forms the second-surface copy was routed on an AXYZ Automation 6010 CNC router and edgelit with SloanLED GreatWhite 4 modules. A JS LED lighting cabinet illuminates the sign’s interior. The blue, edgelit border around the sign’s perimeter was decorated with 3M translucent vinyl that was cut on a Flexi plotter. The 1-in.-thick acrylic inside the sign’s gaping maw was edgelit with SloanLED modules. The vinyl copy, which appears black day and shifts to white and blue at night, was printed on the shop’s Mimaki JV3-160SP solvent-ink printer with 3M perforated media.