Fastsigns Offers Dynamic Digital Signage

The DDS program delivers plug-and-play solutions that don't require a network connection.

FASTSIGNS (Carrollton, TX), a traditional signage provider, is offering Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS), a packaged, digital-signage solution that uses NEC Unified Solutions hardware and Scala Inc. software. DDS is suitable for small or large local installations.

The DDS program addresses customers that need simple “plug and play solutions,” which don’t require a network connection, and fills the need for tradeshow displays, counter and shelf displays and many POP types of signage.

All customers will have access to custom-content creation, file storage, and content management and scheduling, plus professional hardware installation and maintenance from leading providers, 24/7 system monitoring and financing options.

Fastsigns’ CEO Catherine Monson said, since the January 2009 announcement, the company has received $2 million in quotes for the system.

Fastsigns researched EDS for the past year and a half. As technology has evolved, and businesses look for new, affordable options in signage, DDS has emerged as a viable option for both large and small businesses.

Sometimes described as “retail TV” or “electronic posters,” DDS can present constantly changing, computer-generated information, including videos, text, images and animation. Essentially, this sign solution allows more impactful messages to be displayed more often.

Larry Lane, Fastsigns’ president, explained the DDS program expands with the sign buyer’s needs. “The benefits to DDS are plentiful, and, especially in these uncertain economic times, businesses are looking for an impactful way to create attention that is affordable and adaptable to constant changes within their respective business,” he said. Content can be more relevant to viewers since it can be altered based on time of day, weather, audience or other factors.

“DDS marks an important step for us as we continue to provide the latest technology and we’re very excited to be able to offer this product to sign buyers,” continued Lane.