Fair-Play Offers Wireless Scoreboard Control Solutions

For single and multiple scoreboards

Fair-Play (Des Moines, IA), a business unit of Trans-Lux Corp., has introduced a series of wireless, remote-control solutions for single and multiple scoreboards.
The MP-70 and MP-50 controllers with new wireless cards, and a new Hand-Held Wireless Control. In addition to the systems’ user friendly operation of all scoreboard functions, both Controllers feature Fair-Play’s SmartSelect technology which automatically detects multiple scoreboards for comprehensive control via a single hand-held unit. The controllers can control multiple scoreboards, statistics panels and timers using one or multiple, wireless, handheld control units. Suitable for multi-purpose gyms, arenas and stadiums, they can be configured to work in multiple facilities and with previously installed Fair-Play scoreboards with new wireless receivers.
Fair-Play is offering an industry first, 100% guarantee for wireless operation. If for any reason the wireless does not function properly, Fair-Play will supply all the required parts for hard-wired operation at no cost.
“If there are any problems with wireless operation, we’ll supply all the parts to hardwire the system at no cost,” said Jeff Reeser, Fair-Play’s national sales manager.
(800) 247-0265, (515) 265-5305; www.fair-play.com