Fair-Play LED Large Screen Complements New Sports Stadium

For Arkansas City High School football and soccer fans

Fair-Play by Trans-Lux (Norwalk, CT) has outfitted Arkansas City High School with a TL-OV20 LED display to present live images of the school’s football and soccer games.
The new stadium, home to the Arkansas City High School Bulldogs of Arkansas City, Kansas, is one of a number of upgrades being implemented throughout the school district. The Fair-Play 120 x0160-pixel LED screen was installed by Kansas City-based Athco.
The 20mm video display features a brightness level of ≤6,000 nits (candela per square meter), which allows the display images to remain clearly visible even with direct sunlight on the screen. And for night games, the board’s contrast ratio of 1,500:1 helps ensure ensure that even the darkest images will be clearly visible to fans. The 20mm pixel-pitch design allows for viewing from the entire length of the football field, with a viewing angle of 110°.