Coastal Business Supplies Heat-Transfer Media

Materials designed for various visual effects on garments, fabric

Coastal Business Supplies (St. Louis) is presenting four, heat-transfer vinyls from Siser and DigiCut. Offerings include Siser’s EasyWeed Stretch!, a material intended for synthetic fabrics that features a carrier that allows easy weeding and adhesive backing; Siser’s 3D XPD, a material that expands when heated to create a puffy, 3-D texture, which can be adjusted by altering pressing time and pressure, that creates embroidery and high-relief graphics; EasyWeed Glow-in-the-Dark, a white, polyurethane film that casts a emits a glow for promotional decorations; and Digi-Cut Pro, a matte, polyurethane, stretchy, ready-to-cut, hot-peel material, a time-saving option that eliminates waiting for vinyl to cool, with adhesive backing that allows application on garments or fabric without vinyl movement.

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