CAO Group Relamps Ghirardelli Square

San Francisco landmark switches from incandescent lamps to energy-efficient Dynasty® LED lamps.
CAO Group Green G.jpg

The CAO Group Inc. (West Jordan, UT) has retrofit the landmark Ghirardelli Square sign in San Francisco with its Dynasty® S14 LED lamp. The retrofit is part of Ghirardelli’s green initiative.
The 46-year-old Ghirardelli sign, which sits 100 ft. in the air, now features more than 1,300 Dynasty® S14 lamps, which replace incandescent lamps. Another 900 Dynasty® S14 lamps were installed throughout the Ghirardelli Square property to reduce environmental, energy and maintenance costs without compromising the lighting efficacy.
Dynasty® S14 LED lamps consume 1.7W per lamp, compared to incandescents’ 10-15W. Annual CO2 emissions were reduced by 437 tons, or the equivalent of 38 households. The Dynasty® LED lamps decreased annual energy consumption by 68,000 KwH, or the equivalent of 8.5 households, and saves Ghirardelli nearly $15,000 year on its electrical bill. The incandescent lamps’ 2,000-hour lifetime required maintenance several times a year to replace burned out units, but maintenance costs have nearly been eliminated with the five-year warranties that the Dynasty® LED lamps carry.
“The Ghirardelli sign is a perfect marriage for the Dynasty® S14 LED lamps,” said Kerry D. Moore, LEED AP, general manager of the CAO Group’s optoelectronics division. “This installation is a great example of how easy our patented, three-dimensional LED lighting technology can be incorporated into existing signs to produce equal or better efficacy in lighting in addition to great energy savings.”
The retrofit is backed by a rebate by Willdan Energy Solutions and Ecology Action, and support from Pacific Gas & Electric.
“Ghirardelli Square strives to conduct its business in the most environmentally responsible ways possible,” said Lindsay Maxon, marketing and events director at Ghirardelli Square. “From our transition to using all LED lighting, to the collective efforts put forth by our retailers to reduce waste and the commitment from Fairmont Heritage Place to undergo ongoing operational improvements to support “greener” living, Ghirardelli Square has transformed into a cleaner, ‘greener’ place for locals and visitors alike.”
Ghirardelli Square's own maintenance group installed the new LED lamps.
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