Caldera StreamLive Software

Helps users track production and create custom workflows

Caldera (Strasbourg, France) has announced StreamLive production tracking software, a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) package designed to help users track production and create custom workflows. The software is available through subscription and features automated file submission and storage for an unlimited number of jobs. StreamLive auto-generates emails for specific triggers or output needs, such as job tickets, delivery notes and production sheets. The program is compatible with the company’s RIP suite and WebShop programs.

Additional optional features are available, including a planning module with production calendars, custom document generation, automatic file verification for preflighting and additional cloud storage.

A virtual dashboard helps production teams view progress on specified jobs; the monthly subscription includes maintenance and updates. Data can be imported to or exported from third-party software programs including MIS, ERP and CRM.

The company reports that StreamLive is designed to improve efficiency. To wit, print and signshops can map production from software to output, tracking jobs in real time, as well as automating scheduling.