Avery Dennison Retroreflectivity Compliance Kit

Test kit enables road- and safety-sign brightness testing
Sept 11 Avery kit lo-res.jpg

Avery Dennison (Painesville, OH) is introducing its retroreflectivity-compliance kit, which allows government officials and road-sign fabricators to verify that traffic and safety signs comply with federal brightness requirements. The kit contains calibration and comparison-panel standards that, when used together, allow simple testing of an existing sign. If the sign matches the panel’s reflectivity, it’s compliant; if not, replacement is necessary.
The kit’s calibration standards include all required colors with retroreflectivity levels that match values specified in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Table 2A-3. In compliance with the 2009 MUTCD edition, state and municipal governments have until January 22, 2012 to select and implement a management system that maintains traffic-sign retroreflectivity. By January 15, 2015, regulatory, warning and post-mounted guide signs that fail to meet established minimums must be replaced.
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