A Short and Winding Road

Six-year-old points out local road has more than one curve, gets sign updated
Winding Road Sign.jpg

St. Louis highway officials have credited first-grader David Hindes with straightening out, er, rather, adding more curves to, a local road sign.
KTVI-TV, a Fox2 affiliate, said six-year-old David, from the St. Louis suburb of Ballwin, MO, noticed that a sign on Dietrich Rd., in nearby Manchester, depicted a single curve, instead of multiples turns. After having repeatedly complained to his parents about the discrepancy, David said his father suggested he write a letter to St. Louis County Highway Dept. administrators.
David said, "I discovered the sign should be like this," his drawing of the correct winding-road sign.
Administrators called him the next day to tell him he was right. They noted he was the only one who had caught the mistake.
The sign has since been updated.
His attention to detail won him a tour of the county signshop. Roberta Lawson, the assistant to highway-department director, became David's point of contact with the office. She suggested the tour as a reward.
The shop made a winding road sign for him during his visit, then took him on a tour of the warehouse where signs of all kinds are stored. David said, “I just like signs. I like the designs on them.”