3M Envision Translucent, Diffuser Signface Films

Material designed to optimize LED-lit signage, also work with fluorescents

3M is introducing Envision translucent and diffuser films, which are designed to optimize LED light. According to the company, the media allows graphics providers to achieve desired signface brightness while installing fewer lightsources. Although they’re designed for use with LEDs, the films are also designed for fluorescent backlighting. 3M offers diffuser films in 50% or 60% (3735-50, 3735-60) light transmission, and translucent films are available in several standard or custom colors (3730) , or as an inkjet-printable media (IJ3735-50, 3735-60).
All Envision films are supported by 3M’s MCS™ warranty program.
(800) 328-3908; www.3mgraphics.com