OAI produced fabric signage for the Miami Marlins.

The Whole Nine Yards

Kiersten Wones
Michael Goulet, The Sign Specialist, details his Sign Invitational entry.

Timed to Perfection

Michael Goulet
Recently, LSI partnered Principal LED to enhance LSI’s Archer Downlight System – canopy signage used by petroleum marketers to enhance the visibility of their stores.

LEDs Drive Forward

Maura Keller
Youngblood Studio's Memphis selfie sign

You’ve Got a Sign in Memphis

Grant Freking
Vehicles + Vinyl: Palmer Signs, Wraps Ink prove paint and wraps can co-exist

The Odd Couple

Mark Kissling
Camad 3D-printed this jacket for Roots, a nature-inspired clothing retailer in Canada.

3D Printing: A Trifecta

Kiersten Wones
For The Avenue at White Marsh, Ashton Design was tasked with not only creating signage, but also with sprucing up all the blank spaces.

Meet Me in the Metal

Elizabeth A. Lowry
The iconic Liberty Bell replica stood at Veterans Stadium for 20 years before “The Vet” was demolished. At a salvage sale, C.W. Dunnet, a Philadelphia-based foodservice vendor, purchased the bell but left it exposed for 15 years.

The Philadelphia Story

Steve Aust
YESCO and SNA Displays contributed to this project for the Circa development in Los Angeles.

Making An Impact

Maura Keller
Dale Salamacha used sign fabrication concepts to build a fish tank in his home.

Fishy Business

Dale Salamacha