The iconic Liberty Bell replica stood at Veterans Stadium for 20 years before “The Vet” was demolished. At a salvage sale, C.W. Dunnet, a Philadelphia-based foodservice vendor, purchased the bell but left it exposed for 15 years.

The Philadelphia Story

Steve Aust
YESCO and SNA Displays contributed to this project for the Circa development in Los Angeles.

Making An Impact

Maura Keller
Dale Salamacha used sign fabrication concepts to build a fish tank in his home.

Fishy Business

Dale Salamacha
“It’s all in my head,” Justin said of his color-selection process. “In some cases, it changes as it goes. I didn’t plan the matte-black hood, but as we were going, that seemed to be what it needed.”

High Performance

Mark Kissling
LEDs + Lighting: Sleek, colorful signage for the 40 West Arts Creative District

Reviving Colfax

Laura Peters
Design Communications Ltd.’s unique LED installation for Reebok.

LED Home

Thomas Bergeron
North Carolina Signs, Architectural Sign Designs & Guerrilla Graphix craft innovative ADA signage.

Creative Compliance

Elizabeth A. Lowry
Sign satire is central to Universal Studios’ The Simpsons Ride.

Funhouse Mirror

Jeff Russ
The Sign Invitational

You Are Invited

Mark Kissling
Picture This Advertising, Gatorwraps deliver detailed boat wraps

To Go in the Water

Mark Kissling