Including people in your sign photos adds to a viewer’s connection to the picture. Human activity displays that the sign has value – it is welcoming, attracts people and meets with their approval. Photo by Darek Johnson.

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Darek Johnson
Inspired by the trillium wildflower, the sculpture at Toronto Pearson’s busiest terminal displays flights on curved NanoLumens displays. The round display below is decorative and informative.

Early Bloomer

Laura Peters

Hurricanes Blow

Dale Salamacha
Baltimore Graphics Co. (Glen Burnie, MD) produced this wrap for Brekmar (Columbia, MD).

Theme and Variation

Mark Kissling

Good Sportsmanship

Robin Donovan
Global Lux Luxxus Series


Chris and Kathi Morrison
Nissan also commissioned Nashville native Shelby Rodeffer ( to hand-paint this mural depicting a Murano SUV directly onto the brick surface of Bridgestone Arena.

Nashville Proud

Jeff Russ
Neon FAQs

Neon FAQs

Marcus Thielen
The Kentucky Theatre. Photo by Li Cuevas.

High Horsing

Darek Johnson
Because twin-pole signs are structural arches, their damping properties typically exceed those of single-pole signs.

Crucial Connections

Bill Dundas