Columns used 3M's 1080 Chrome wrap on this vehicle for an auto dealer tradeshow.

Shiny New Objects

Mark Kissling
Counterintuitive color usage (such as a yellow sky) and type outlined in a tint lighter than its fill hue can create a bit of unexpected excitement. Making the most important text larger than the rest is a simple device often used to imply the information hierarchy. Using color to denote secondary information is a more subtle, but equally effective, technique.

Fonts of Wisdom

Jeff Russ
For more than 60 years, standardized types and configurations of internal light sources have maintained a consistent range of brightness for the vast majority of electric signs.

The Facts of Light

Bill Dundas
CF22-1225 by Mimaki USA

Finishing Machines

Chris and Kathi Morrison
The Levi’s store in San Francisco features eye-catching LEDs.

Levi’s is Still Sexy

Laura Peters

Good Times

Signs of the Times Editor
Crystal Coast Graphics wrapped this car to look like a Marine fighter jet

Give ‘em What They Want

Mark Kissling
Vinyl Media: Multiplying customer choices with signmaking vinyl

Vinyl Media

Chris and Kathi Morrison
Media 1/Wrap This purchases an Altec bucket truck

Bucket Truck Bliss

Dale Salamacha
Sign industry workers practice a distinct trade which should be recognized as such.

Congress Tackles Occupational Licensing

Bill Dundas