Tech Review: Eco-solvent Printers

Eco-solvent Printers

Chris and Kathi Morrison
Edward Lehigh, sign installer at Security Signs (Portland, OR)

The Sign Installer’s Value

Darci Keljo
Kristin Lanzarone-Scribner (left), owner-operator of WrapStar Pro (Citrus Heights, CA), and Krystal Miszewski (right), owner and sole operator of Candy Wraps (Orlando, FL), teamed up for the recent PDAA Pro Team Relay wrap competition at PRINTING United.

A Relay-Fun Wrap Contest

Mark Kissling
Psychedelic digital painter Andrew “Android” Jones contributes his mind-bending imagery to the festival’s aesthetic. This is “Embrace” 2014.

Creative Fire

Jeff Russ

Take Time Off

Robin Donovan
One option for Media 1’s new digs was this five-acre site with four, close-set, but separate buildings.

New Facility Futility

Dale Salamacha
Tech Review: Textile Finishing Equipment

Textile Finishing Equipment

Chris and Kathi Morrison
Maggie Harlow talks at-work sandboxes, responding to online reviews and lessons gleaned from raising a rap prodigy.

Signarama Superstar

Grant Freking
The modern marquee and flag sign use over 1,000 Ushio LED bulbs and consume just over 1,200W.

Marquee Restoration Bullseye

Laura Peters
Sunset Signs and Printing coordinated a group-donated wrap for a special-needs school.

Van Wrap Provides Hope

Mark Kissling