Programmable LEDs Light the Palazzo, Venetian

Ad Art completes 45-story installs on the Vegas Strip

Ad Art Sign Systems (Stockton, CA) recently built on its 70-year history of creating iconic Las Vegas signs with programmable LEDs that identify the Palazzo and Venetian hotels on the east side of the strip.
Individual letters on each sign stand 15 ft. tall and are populated with the company’s 2-in. StadiaPixel LED clusters. Jeremy Anderson, chief technology officer for Ad Art, said the signs are visible for miles, and can even be seen from Vegas’ McCarran International Airport.
With each aluminum letter weighing 750 lbs., installation was a challenge. “Three installation teams worked separate building elevations from stages more than 45 floors above ground,” Anderson wrote in an email. The total installation process required approximately five weeks. The letters were recently programmed to display waving American flags in commemoration of 9/11 victims and their families.

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