Plaskolite Introduces AMGARD Antimicrobial Safety Shields

Created with an antimicrobial agent to prevent microorganism growth like bacteria and mold.
Plaskolite AMGARD Antimicrobial Safety Shields

Plaskolite (Columbus, OH) has introduced AMGARD, a new antimicrobial acrylic and polycarbonate sheet for safety shields, sneeze guards and barriers. According to the company website, AMGARD is formulated with laboratory-tested silver ion antimicrobial technology that protects the sheet surface from microorganism growth.

Certified laboratories have independently tested AMGARD to ISO 22196 “Measurement of Antimicrobial Activity on Plastics / Non-Porous Surfaces” – the industry standard for measuring antimicrobial activity on plastics. These laboratories confirmed a reduction in the growth of microorganisms on the sheet surface.

“The deployment of safety shields is an important part of reopening plans for businesses, schools and institutions,” said Dr. Ted Trautman, technology director for Plaskolite. “AMGARD protects the sheet against the growth of microorganisms such as mold and mildew. AMGARD delivers the dual benefit of a physical barrier and an antimicrobial technology designed to protect the plastic’s surface.”

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