Mimaki USA Announces TX300P-1800 MkII Printer

Also announces Metallic UV ink for UJF-7151 plus benchtop flatbed printer.
Mimaki USA

Mimaki USA (Suwanee, GA) has announced the TX300P-1800 MkII, a printer that doubles the opportunities for business growth with dual-media and dual-ink support, according to the company. The TX300P-1800 MkII offers the ability to switch between transfer paper for dye sublimation printing or direct-to-textile printing on one unit, and also offers additional dual-ink possibilities.

“This model builds on the success of the TX300P-1800 direct-to-textile printer by increasing the capabilities in one unit, so that our customers can benefit from enhanced versatility in terms of fabrics, applications and target markets,” said Michael Maxwell, senior manager at Mimaki USA. “The TX300P-1800 MkII offers our customers the opportunity to grow their business with the flexibility to print not only on polyester fabrics, but also cellulose fabrics such as cotton and hemp.”

Mimaki USA Announces TX300P-1800 MkII Textile Printer

When printing in direct-to-textile mode, excess ink that penetrates through the fabric is drained through a platen with an ink-receiving trough. To switch to transfer dye-sublimation mode, the user simply attaches a vacuum platen for a quick and easy change to support transfer paper. It can accept textile media up to 75.6 in. wide or transfer paper up to 76.7 in. wide.

The dual-ink capability of the TX300P-1800 MkII printer can be configured with three different ink combinations including textile pigment/direct sublimation, textile pigment/sublimation transfer, or direct sublimation/sublimation transfer.

Mimaki USA also announced new Metallic UV ink is available for its award-winning UJF-7151 plus benchtop UV-LED flatbed printer. With this new ink the UJF-7151 plus printer can directly image a surface without the need for added glitter or a foil transfer process. The ability to print in gloss and matte finishes, and an emboss effect are also available, as well as the ability to create a wide range of metallic color effects.

For more information, visit mimakiusa.com.

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