Mimaki USA Announces 3DGD-1800 3D Printer

A new addition to the company's range of 3D printing technologies.
Mimaki USA

Mimaki USA (Suwanee, GA) has introduced the Mimaki 3DGD-1800 large-scale 3D printer, for creating dimensional displays for a range of applications. This is the third 3D printer model from Mimaki, adding to its 3DUJ-553 full-color and 3DFF-222 tabletop models.

According to a release from Mimaki USA, the 3DGD-1800 offers "Gel Dispensing Printing technology ... as well as three times the processing speed of conventional FFF (fused filament fabrication)-type 3D printers, producing a 70.8-in.-high figure in just seven hours." With assembly, 3D-printed objects can exceed the size of the formation area, and the printer's dual-head configuration provides for simultaneous output of two different structures, reducing production time. 

The release also states that the "3DGD-1800 can produce objects with a hollow interior much faster than conventional 3D printers because it does not require support material for the interior structure, which can later accommodate infill material or be left open. The light-transmittable material lends itself to applications that are internally illuminated using LED modules. Software is included for effortless 3D object creation, and standard 3D file formats are supported."

Mimaki USA states that the printer can be used to create interior-illuminated signage, museum/ POP/window displays, channel letters and logos, entertainment promotions, interior design elements, event decoration, movie sets and props, product mock-ups, vacuum molds, and more. And its surface can be decorated with output from Mimaki inkjet printers.

For more information, visit mimakiusa.com.

The Mimaki 3DGD-1800 large-scale 3D printer

The Mimaki 3DGD-1800 large-scale 3D printer

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