L&H Companies Announces Flush Mount Panel System

System is easily changeable with entire front panel removable.
L&H Companies Announces Flush Mount Panel System

L&H Companies (Reading, PA) has announced its L&H Flush Mount Panel System, a new environmentally friendly product for directional signage. The system utilizes specific milling and cutting to allow for the top panel to be fastened with two very small and hard to detect screws at the bottom that hold the panel in place. An installer can mount the panel flush to face without need for adhesives or permanent connection devices -- keeping all mounting fasteners essentially hidden.

The L&H system is easily changeable and allows for the entire front panel to be removed and updated without difficulty. The old panel gets sent back to L&H Companies’ stock to be repurposed later, making it environmentally friendly. Also, onsite facilities can very easily remove the screws and install the new panel.

For more information about the L&H Flush Mount Panel system, click here.

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