Ink Sauce Online Community for Print Shops Launches

Provides shop owners strategic educational tools for success.
Ink Sauce

Ink Sauce, an online community providing educational support specifically designed for the print and signshop owners of the world, has announced itself. Ink Sauce says it works with shop owners to set goals, overcome operational challenges and implement efficiency within their organization through in-depth training, expert articles and a private, online community of business-minded, industry professionals. 
The purpose of Ink Sauce, according to the site, is to help owners create a better shop that fits their goals and lifestyle. If an owner is looking to automate their shop workflows, find new customers, properly price their work, or learn more about shop management software, Ink Sauce has them covered with these topics and more. 
“Running a successful shop is a lot more involved than being technically good at printing t-shirts or making signs,” said Bryant Gillespie, creator of Ink Sauce. “Whether you recently launched your shop and print shirts in your garage, or you’ve been making signs for over 20 years, we are here to support the growth of your business through education and a strong community of industry experts.” 
Ink Sauce recently launched its free “Shop Management Software Buyers Guide” to help owners determine what product is best for their needs. For more information, visit

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