Esko Releases Print Control Wizard 20.0

The software now boasts improved color management, ink optimization and Flexo functionality.

Esko (Ghent, Belgium) has announced Print Control Wizard 20.0, which includes new features such as improved test chart layout, an improved interface, a platemaking wizard, reporting, new crystal screens for UV Flexo and white ink optimization for flexible packaging.

Improved test chart layout. The number of press trials required to create screens and curves to implement Flexo projects has been reduced from two to one, bringing faster analysis of a new print condition and significant efficiency gains. The wizard now includes a four-color test chart and allows users to produce fingerprint charts, while a fast scan mode for minimum dot calibration reduces the time spent on each job.

Improvements to award-winning, wizard-style interface. The new Color Engine Pilot interface features new screens and curves view, and also enables users to access all Esko screening assets in one application.

Platemaking wizard. A central storage location for Esko CDI set-up, this new tool uses built-in guides to help the user set up their CDI plate imager ensuring optimal performance in the quickest time.

Reporting. New, fully automated and customizable fingerprint reports are available with one touch of a button.

New crystal screens for UV Flexo. Using the same process-driven user interface for both flexible packaging and UV Flexo, this new module delivers simplified Print Control Wizard functionality and custom screens for UV Flexo, with support for both Pixel+ and non-Pixel+ CDIs.

White ink optimization for flexible packaging. Boosting performance of the most common (and most costly) ink used in flexible packaging,the opacity, mottle and weight of white ink are controlled and optimized automatically, improving print quality, enhancing image reproduction and reducing ink consumption costs.

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Print Control Wizard 20.0 from Esko

Print Control Wizard 20.0 from Esko

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