Dye Sub and Fabric Printing Tips from the Pros

Three PSP operators offer words of wisdom.
Dye Sub and Fabric Printing Tips from the Pros

Jeff Burris, owner of Group Imaging (Mesa, AZ), Susan Braverman, president of The Flag Shop (Vancouver, BC, Canada), and Michael Santiago, co-owner of The Sublimation Station (Orlando, FL) offer dye sublimation printing tips.

  • “If you’re digitally printing CMYK on textiles, don’t print K. If you want black, print CMYK and make a black – you’ll have stronger light fastness.” – Braverman
  • “Having access to a repairman for your sewing machine is critical.” – Burris
  • “Sublimation live printing gives your guests the opportunity to make their own customized product right on the spot, with no limit on how many colors they use.” – Santiago
  • “Welcome to the world of light fastness; light fastness matters. Especially when you're printing with CMYK.” – Braverman 
  • “With fabric, if you've cut it the wrong size and sewed it on, you can't grow it back. You can unstitch it and make something smaller, but you can't make it any bigger once you've cut it.” – Burris
  • “There are customers out there that are unreasonable, but you have to decide: Is that your client base? You have to decide if that’s the wrong customer or if you make the wrong products.” – Braverman

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