The 2019 Signshop Competition

Adjustments to categories & other elements. Submission window opens May 1.
Signs of the Times

For the past several years, Signs of the Times has conducted its annual International Sign Contest in the winter with winners published in a spring-month issue. This year, we have changed the contest’s name, categories and dates. The 2019 Signshop Competition will be published in our September issue. Entries will be accepted beginning May 1.

First, good news for small shops: we are creating three “divisions” for signshops based on their number of employees. Small shops (1-9 employees) will compete against each other, as will medium shops (10-24 employees) and large shops (25 or more). Within each division, we will offer four categories of signs: best original signshop design and fabrication, both electric and non-electric; and best client design/shop fabrication, both electric and non-electric. So, any shop, regardless of its size, will be able to enter up to three projects each to these four different categories. 

The changes make the sign contest simpler to understand, as well as more fair. As you compete against companies your own size, you can enter up to a total of 12 projects (three each for of the four categories).

More info will follow here and in Signs of the Times closer to May 1, when we will begin to accept entries.