Best Client Design/Shop Fabrication, Illuminated, Large Shop of 2019

Star Signs (Lawrence, KS) shines with this gateway monument for North Kansas City, MO.
2019 Signshop Competition: Star Signs wins Best Client Design/Shop Fabrication, Illuminated, Large Shop

First Place

Star Signs

Lawrence, KS;

Client: City of North Kansas City, MO

Selling Price: $145,000

Designer: Confluence (Kansas City, MO), PJ Novick, principal

Fabricators: Star Signs, Gieske Custom Metal Fabricators (Kansas City, MO), Vince Gish

Installers: Star Signs, Mega Industries (Kansas City, MO; general contractor), Brad Boyles

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: CNC router, aluminum and steel welding

Installation Equipment/Tools: Hydrocrane  65-ft. crane truck, scissor lift, concrete footings 

Materials/Components: Rolled steel arches and upright steel columns (Gieske), fabricated aluminum letters and column wraps, Matthews acrylic polyurethane, Gemini cast aluminum plaques, HYDROLUME LED Strip Lights

Software: Adobe Illustrator, SAi EnRoute

Other Components/Tools: Structure required certified engineer stamp for windload and width of span across boulevard

This gateway sign is the first installation of a new wayfinding and informational signage project to be installed throughout North Kansas City, MO. Star Signs subcontracted the large rolled-steel arches and upright columns to Gieske Custom Metal Fabricators.

Second Place

Signal Signs came in second with this sign for The Works
Signal Signs came in second with this sign for The Works.

Signal Signs

Mableton, GA;

Client: Selig Enterprises

Selling Price: $95,000

Designer: Dimensional Innovation

Fabricators: Signal Signs

Installers: Signal Signs

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: Miller welders, tube benders, sanders, grinders

Installation Equipment/Tools: 85-ft. Elliott crane truck, 40-ft. Altec bucket truck, hand tools and hammer drill

Materials/Components: 1-in. diameter aluminum tubes, stainless steel mesh, aluminum channel letters with white neon

Software: CorelDRAW, Gerber Scientific router software

The Works will convert the area's low-rise brick warehouses into 600,000 sq. ft. of office space, 500,000 sq. ft. of retail, 500 residences, a 200-key boutique hotel and 13 acres of greenspace. The project will be delivered in phases over the next 10 years, and Phase 1 is already underway. The signage is 18 ft., 10 in. x 20-ft. metal framework with open-face neon channel letters that wrap around the corner of the building. Painted with Matthews Paint polyurethane.

Third Place

DCL took third place with this changeable electric world map for the Port Everglades Cruise Terminal
DCL took third place with this changeable electric world map for the Port Everglades Cruise Terminal.

Design Communications Ltd. (DCL)

Avon, MA;

Client: Port Everglades Cruise Terminal

Designer: Studio HHH (Somerville, MA)

Fabricator: DCL

Installer: DCL

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: MultiCam CNC router, tin knocker, Matthews Paint System, TEKNA ProLite DeVilbiss spray gun, miter saw, jig saw, drill press, impact drivers

Installation Equipment/Tools: Three-plane laser levels, scissor lift, impact drivers

Materials/Components: Fabricated aluminum, Matthews Paint, Traxon Cove Light AC HO RGBW LED lighting, ENTTEC Storm DMX 

Software: AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D, SAi EnRoute, ELM Software (programmed by Creosphere)

Visual Voyage is an interactive light wall that features a stylized map that circles the equator. Triggered light bars mimic the sun’s path as it travels along its axis. The wall is backlit with a controllable LED lighting system that is programmed with colorful animations that flow across the map. Passengers waiting to embark on a cruise can connect via smart phone to interact with the moving lights.
The permanent installation is located inside the Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 25, which is the homeport for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines new ship Celebrity Edge. The artwork stretches across two large sections of wall with 76 individual panels covering a length of 260 ft. with 12-ft.-tall panels and a faux painted bump-out connecting the two walls.

The light is controlled by viewers sending a text with the word EAST or WEST, causing the sun, represented by moving light, to travel through each of the 24 international time zones featured on the map. Viewers can move the sun to the end of the map and across the International Date Line. Once the sun passes this line, a “light show” of patterns and effects cross the entire installation.

The sun effect is achieved with Traxon Cove Light AC HO RGBW LED backlighting, focusing a “hot spot” of light along the sun path line, casting light up and down the wall behind the perforated panels. The backlighting comprises 24 zones of light, suggesting the time zone that delineates a section along the north-south axis of the globe. The custom CNC-routed 1/8-in., brake-formed panels are finished with Matthews Noble Metallic Gold Paint. 

When the Interactive Light Wall receives no text message input, the installation goes into “dormant state” in which the light moves slowly from east to west, transitioning between each of the 24 time zones every seven seconds and crossing the entire length of the two walls within three minutes.

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