Best Client Design/Shop Fabrication, Non-Illuminated, Large Shop of 2019

ARTfx catches eyes with this intricate mural.
2019 Signshop Competition: ARTFx wins Best Client Design/Shop Fabrication, Non-Illuminated, Large Shop

First Place


Bloomfield, CT;

Client: Aecom Tishman

Designer: MGM Murals, MGM Grand (Springfield, MA)

Fabricators: ARTfx, Michael Ulrich

Installer: Michael J. Ulrich

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: Overhead projector, paint brushes 

Installation Equipment/Tools: Scissor lift, ladders

Materials/Components: Latex paint, water

Software: CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, Gerber Scientific (various)

The MGM murals were hand painted by ARTfx’s master scenic and faux finish artist, Michael J. Ulrich. The scenic work falls under the classification of “ghost murals,” which denotes a paint-finishing style mimicking weather-worn, hand-painted building advertisements typical of the late 19th and early-to-mid 20th century.

Second Place

Creative Sign Designs provides elegant signage for a residential development.
Creative Sign Designs provided elegant signage for a residential development.

Creative Sign Designs

Tampa, FL;

Client: CRS

Selling Price: $67,000

Designers: The Elm East (Queens, NY), shop drawings by Don Butler

Fabricator: CSD Fabrication Team

Installer: CSD Installation Team

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: Edwards Manufacturing 55-ton Ironworker, MultiCam Series 3000 router, RAS TURBObend+ Brake/Folding machine, RAS PRIMEcut shear, SDS Automation SuperChannel Bender 7.0, OMAX 1530 MAXIEM waterjet, AkzoNobel Paint System

Installation Equipment/Tools: Two 75-ton cranes

Materials/Components: Architectural Trellis System with Prismatic Letters as a main entrance feature, 2 x 5-in. aluminum tube, 4 x 8-in. aluminum tube with endcaps, 2 x 8-in. aluminum tube, 6 x 12-in. aluminum tube, aluminum mounting brackets, 10 x 10-in. aluminum tube with endcaps and brackets, 8 x 8-in. aluminum tube supports with mounting plates, Gemini aluminum prismatic letters stud mounted, 1/8-in.-thick aluminum face panel with 1 x 3-in. frame with 3-in.-deep standoff sleeve spacers into concrete beams, ¾-in. HDPVC trim sections, 2-in. diameter ½-in. round sign foam caps, .125 aluminum brake formed side panels and bottom covers, ¼-in.-thick rubber pad between aluminum and concrete to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing against the concrete beam

Software: CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, SAi FlexiSignPro, SAi EnRoute, IntelliMAX, KeyedIn, Smartsheets

Creative Sign Designs worked with CRS on this project. Monterey Grand Waterside is a residential development designed with elegant living in mind. The property is a serene, lakefront setting built to complement the natural surroundings.

The design was complex in and of itself, and our internal designer had to work closely and make a lot of tweaks to make the initial design functional. A good eye for detail was required to make sure space for all the water components were occluded from view while also having free flow. There was some design-related changing midstream, too, as the copy for the prismatic letters change, requiring a larger panel to be incorporated. There also was a late addition of the end caps to help waterproof the structure. 

Third Place

Western Neon produced this optical illusion signage for a real estate company.
Western Neon produced this optical illusion signage for a real estate company.

Western Neon


Client: Windermere Real Estate

Designers: Dylan Neuwirth, Tim Damon, Tyler Dennison

Fabricators: Katy Schenold, John Burbridge, Danie Kaes, Karen Harvey, Will Kirtley, Milo Raltson, Jordan Durham, Rob Albus, Josh Gifford, Nick Quandt, Sean Mattison, Jacob Stordahl 

Installers: Andre Lucero, Dylan Neuwirth, Katy Schenold, Sean Mattison, Jameson Robello, Josh Gifford, Nick Quandt, John Burbridge, Matt Silvie, Mike Spear

Fabrication Equipment/Tools: CNC router, table saw, band saw, belt sander, hand sander, hand buffer, ribbon burner, cross fire, bombarder (manifold, gas exchange, pump), hand torch, hand file, blow hose

Installation Equipment/Tools: Hand drills, ladders, transformers, epoxy

Materials/Components: Painted aluminum

Software: SOLIDWORDS, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Cloud, Cura

Founded in the Windermere neighborhood of Seattle in 1972, Windermere Real Estate is now the largest real estate company in the Pacific Northwest. For this project, we designed and fabricated a 15.5-ft.-tall aluminum lenticular sign to be mounted outside the entrance of the Eastlake office. The sign is a unique optical illusion and reads differently from every angle. “Windermere” in white text on a blue background is visible from the south side of the building, and “Real Estate” in opposite coloring can be read from the north side of the building.

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